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Fresh Water Aquariums

Coming in all different shapes and colors, supplied with their intriguing behavior, tropical freshwater fish turn a tank of water into a lively scene that provides fascinating experiences of nature and suspenseful entertainment in your home or office. Ranging from Cichlid, Discus, Tetra, and even Goldfish (cold freshwater) we make maintaining a fresh water aquarium EASY, regardless whether you have a predator tank or community fish.

(90g African Cichlid aquarium)

(75g community aquarium in pediatrician office)

(75g Gourami aquarium in Office)

(75g community aquarium in lawyers office)

(75g cichlid aquarium)

(30g community aquarium)

(55g planted aquarium built-in-wall)

(54g community boe aquarium)

(55g goldfish aquarium)

(55g community aquarium)

(37g angelfish aquarium)