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Salt Water and Reef Systems

Looking to amp up your home while also showing your love of animals? Ready for nights of relaxation watching your happy fish swim between caves? Brilliant colors, bizarre shapes, and gentle movements make salt or reef systems so captivating, nothing compares to the colors and shapes of sea life like a salt water aquarium in your home or office. Leave it to us to custom design your aquarium to match your decor. Don't have time for the upkeep? No problem! Leave the maintenance to us. We have maintained Nano, Predator, Fish only, and reef aquarium's.



(emperor angel, tomato clownfish, Hippo tang & Lionfish in 180g Reef aquarium built in-wall)

(yellow tang in 92g corner bow reef aquarium)


(75g reef aquarium [wave shaped])

(75g reef aquarium)

(20g Nano reef aquarium with ocellaris clown and blue damsel)

(65g rimless reef aquarium with yellow tang & black ocellaris clowns)

Looking to spruce up your Salt water tank but worried your fish might be a little too nippy for your corals? Well don't worry about that, we've got you covered! We offer a wide variety of Coral Inserts made from fish friendly materials! Not only do they look real, but are extremely easy and stress free to care for, contact us for more information!


(Blonde Naso tang and coral insert from 150g Fish only with live rock aquarium)


(150g fish only with live rock aquarium with coral inserts)

(120g fish only aquarium with coral inserts built in-wall)